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No grass stains – no glory, No bruises – no story.

Billy Frank remembers walking across the ball fields in his freshman year in high school, seeing several of his friends playing for the high school baseball team. Like many young kids from broken homes, Billy was on his way to his after school job. He didn’t have the opportunity to play for the school team. He had to “make ends meet”, his dad advised him. So, he was only able to play ball for parks and recreation teams.

Many years later, Billy started his own company in the entertainment business, Make it Happen Productions (MIHP), while playing ball in parks and recreation leagues. He did not miss a single season since he was 5 years old. Billy was, surprisingly, invited to play ball for the USA Macabiah fast pitch softball team. The Maccabiah Games, organized by the Maccabi World Union, was declared a “Regional Sport Event” by the International Olympic Committee in 1961. The Maccabiah Games is often referred to as the “Jewish Olympics”.

When putting some thought to it, Billy realized that playing highly competitive sports and running a business, had many similarities; it’s a long and rigorous road, it’s highly competitive and it’s all a game. “Sports changed my life as a young man and as an adult. It did the same for many people I know who have participated.”, Billy states in an online interview, prior to participating in the Maccabiah Games and being named starting Left Fielder and Team Captain. He feels blessed that he has been playing ball since the early 70’s and proudly owns MIHP since the mid 90’s.

Today, Billy has now competed in fast pitch softball, aka Windmill Softball, for several years. In 2011 he played in the Pan American Games in Brazil, has played at the ASA’s World Series, he has won Championships in multiple ASA highly competitive tournaments around the world and has been fortunate to play ball in the world renowned Maccabi Games, where he and his team received a Silver Medal in 2013 in Israel. He is a three-time “All World” recipient and still currently playing on the USA Maccabiah masters team. He is gearing up for the 2015, Pan America Games in Chile.

Make It Happen Productions is a multi-award winning creative service company and it is what it is today because of Billy’s ‘team playing’ and competitive desire to win. Billy has always cared very much about his teammates on and off the field, as well as, his teammates at the office. And he cares for his clients, all the same. “This is all I know, this is my cloth.”

Fun fact; Billy started MIHP at 29. He had a child at 39. And he won a silver medal at 49. What does the next 10 years look like? Stay tuned!