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Frankly Speaking #6: Kanye, please step TO the plate, not ON the plate.

Kanye, Really? Stop with the criticizing of white artist already, it’s enough!

The majority of communities are not after the black community, as a matter of fact, there is MUCH support from many industry leaders and music lovers alike for your community. When something doesn’t seem in line with Kanye’s thought process, he jumps on a stage and/or interrupts someone’s “moment”, while in their glory. Then says something so one-sided, so rude, that it takes away this persons spotlight. Although this is the intent, it’s not right, to say the least.

Someone in this man’s camp needs to explain that other people (white, Asian and Hispanic) also work hard and their music and feelings are just as important, than his own kind.

I am a person that employs all races, has a diverse family and works with inner city youth. I know families from Jewish Concentration Camps to the Watts Riots. All of us come from somewhere and it has been tough on us all, at least our ancestors. So… when we don’t respect others’ feelings and we say that we should step aside for the black community, or a particular artist, we are obviously only seeing things with our own eyes, not the eyes of the majority of our world and the people that are trying to make a difference. This continued behavior is nothing other than degrading, immature and biased. And continues to set us back.

How is this behavior EVER going to help our youth move froward? It’s clearly not!

We need to “come together”, we need to work as one, Stevie Wonder said it best at the Grammys “we all need to come together as one”. And many other mature African Americans often work toward a better, “us”. So, this of course is not directed at the majority.

Kenye should step up to the millennial podium!

I understand that there are still things that are racist from specific communities, this is still happening, I realize this. But, we also have those who are still committing crimes, shooting people and treating our cops with disrespect (black and white). This is unacceptable! We need to send this message to our children, we need to help our youth make better decisions, this is what people like Kanye should be preaching.

Come on, man! Don’t show up to these events if you are expecting only the ones you think should be awarded, to win. If you don’t like what you are seeing at biracial events, only attend the NAACP Awards, 365 Black Awards or the BET awards. That’s up to you. I go to those too and really enjoy them. Although, I don’t jump on the stage when my own race doesn’t win.

Let’s step it up, and open our minds.