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Frankly Speaking #5: Content for a New Generation

Billy Frank, Director and Executive producer of Make It Happen Productions (MIHP) has new meaning for 2015 and beyond. His intent is to transform our upcoming generations with content to give them hope and dreams for their future. 

     We as producers need to continue to fight the fight to get advertisers, networks and corporations to support television and digital content, “with a cause”. We often see some big name companies onboard, they’re not by any means the issue. It is not all that unusual these days to see Google, FB,  and other large corporations, alike, get on-board with ancillary dedicated funds to support specific content with meaning. So, I praise those people and corporations that are a part of that. I think networks and many others should do it as well.

     It is our intent to continue down the road of creating content that makes a difference. We, of course, will continue to be a part of traditional content. 

     I want to let the young generations know that there are other options out there for them, other than train-wreck programing, there are positive paths they can travel . MIHP is diligently working to mount our newly acquired event, The City Games (formally known as the Watts Summer Games), in the summer of 2015. This sporting event was founded in 1968. It will be held for inner city youth ages 8-18 years young. It focuses on team sports, whose goals are to achieve maximum excellence and participation by having young athletes working together as a group. This is about athletes aspiring, striving for excellence, embrace commonalities, respond to leadership, accept diversity and overcome adversity in engagement in team sports.

     We are also working on a couple of other exciting programs that allow kids to live a more powerful life, through song . I believe these are the types of programs that are missing for our children today.

     I’ve been in the business for more than 25 years, I would love to see a change in television programming. A transformational change. It will not only benefit our next generation but it will open our eyes to a better world. We need help from the networks, studios and corporations who are not already involved in order to do this.