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Make It Happen Productions: Fun with Interns

Make It Happens Productions’ owner Billy Frank still remembers the days when he was young and hungry. Early on in his career, he worked in music clearance for ASCAP followed by a job at Dick Clark Productions where he gained firsthand experience on many hit television shows. That was nearly three decades ago, but he will never forget how the roles he played then prepared him for the roles he plays now. Because of this, Billy has always felt it important to give back to the youth in his industry.

His commitment to give back has taken various forms over the years. From 2009-2011 he acted as Adjunct Professor for Carnegie Mellon University in the Heinz School’s Master of Entertainment Industry Management Program. Since opening the doors of MIHP in 1994 he has maintained an intern program for those youth looking for experience producing in the entertainment industry. Since then, many success stories have passed through his mentorship and five former interns are now working on professional levels within the company. One intern, Jennie Lake, is now a lead producer.

Not only do MIHP interns find real life experience in the business, they get to have a little fun too. One of the first projects they are thrown upon is the making of MIHP’s Fun With Interns videos—small weekly spoofs on their day-to-day existence as part of the team.

Here’s a short Q&A with the most recent intern-turned-permanent-staff-member Marquese Robinson:

What led you to be interested in the intern program at MIHP in the first place?

Initially I was just trying to gain real world experience. I stayed because of the amazing staff and hands on productions.

What do interns at MIHP actually do?

Usually interns help research projects and industry trends. They also collaborate with one another to put together the intern videos.

Describe a typical day.

A typical day is anything but typical. One day you’re doing web design and screening calls and the next you’re on the hunt for production equipment.

What did you learn most from interning at MIHP?

I learned how to move on from mistakes and make the best of each situation even when circumstances aren’t ideal.

What did you learn most about Billy Frank?

Not only is he committed to building the MIHP brand and developing great content, he is committed to being a great person.

What are three words to describe the overall experience?

Awesome. Hectic. Educational.

What has that internship evolved into for you?

Eventually the internship evolved into a full-time job.