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Case Studies


For the past ten years, WB has relied on MIHP to produce the image campaigns for Warner Bros. International.The Celebrity Image Campaigns are massive productions that provide the foundation of international branding for all of Warner Bros. television content. MIHP produces the five-location job annually, bringing in a crew of over 100 members each production day. In addition, MIHP handle all of the major talent inclusive of Television's biggest stars like Kevin BaconWilliam H. MacyKathy Bates and Simon Baker.


Tim Allen’s management and ABC brought on Executive Producer Billy Frank to produce promotion campaigns for the launch of Tim’s show, Last Man Standing.  MIHP is proud to have played a part of the campaigns, which led to a successful launch of the series and ABC proudly announcing the sitcom’s renewal for a third season.


MIHP has a partnership with NBC spanning over a decade. MIHP collaborated on the special “Real Music Live”, which aired directly after “Saturday Night Live” and recorded record breaking numbers for the network.  According to NBC PR, “RML is gaining traction in the social media world accomplishing such notable feats as becoming one of the ‘most shared’ videos and breaking the top ten ‘most popular’ videos on YouTube.” MIHP also created the Main Title open for “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno for 8 consecutive years. Creative and Executive Produced by San Rahi.


For the past five years, MIHP produced and directed Ashton Kutcher for all of Nikon’s short form segments, related to Nikon cameras. 

Mccann Erickson entrusted MIHP to capture and produce one of the most prominent celebrity endorsement's (Nikon and Ashton) in the camera industry.


MIHP has worked with Fox, FX and FXM on promotional and integrated marketing campaigns for over twelve years.  Campaigns include the launch of The Shield and Nip/Tuck (which garnered their highest premiere ratings to date at the time) and integrated campaigns for Ford Focus/Speed II, Ford Edge/Anger Management, as well as integrated campaigns for Hershey’s, Sonic, Subway and Arby’s on the features Iron Man, X-Men, Shrek and the Proposal.

A special thanks to the production team from Make It Happen Productions for hanging in there – making every revision and request quickly and with a smile – and coming up with solution after solution. You guys are the best!"
-Amanda Carmel Kramer || VP Integrated Sales & MarketingFox Cable Networks


MIHP was selected by Agency Dentsu America, to create an innovative storyline for branded informational content for Kissui Vodka’s US product launch. Develop a product launch plan to introduce and create a relationship between an unknown international brand of Vodka and a US consumer through informational branded digital content. Through agency Dentsu America’s digital output, successfully introduced product to US market to highly increase exposure of the brand.


MIHP partnered with AT&T when LA based 360 Agency selected Billy Frank to create, direct and produce a PSA for The Trevor Project, an organization aimed to empower and inspire LGBTQ individuals and help prevent suicide in the LGBTQ community. The PSA featured American Idol star Adam Lambert, and was well received by 360! and AT&T, exclaiming to Billy that “You knocked it out!”  The PSA has been viewed by millions and has gained significant support for The Trevor Project, all while promoting the AT&T brand and its involvement with charities.

"Had some feedback from the client and….THEY LOVED IT! They used the word "awesome and loved it! Thank you!"
- Leticia Galindo || Principal/CMO, 360 Agency 


MIHP has a long history of working with Discovery networks, having produced projects for major Discovery events, like the 20th Anniversary of Shark Week.  MIHP recently worked on the launch campaigns for the Big Brain Theory, as well a produced new campaigns for Velocity’s hit series Overhauling.  MIHP was brought in by D-Agency Creative, Discovery’s agency handling all the Discovery networks.  Through this partnership, MIHP has worked with Velocity, Discovery and Animal Planet thus far.


Through its partnership with D Agency Creative, MIHP expanded its account with Discovery networks when D Creative enlisted MIHP to produce six interstitials for a integrated marketing campaign between Purina and Animal Planet.  These promotions will be inserted between Animal Planet’s prime programming.  The MIHP team delivered a large scale production and conquered the many challenges of working with multiple animals. 


For the past five years, MIHP produced and directed Ashton Kutcher for all of Nikon’s short form segments, related to Nikon cameras. McCann Erickson entrusted MIHP to capture and produce one of the most prominent celebrity endorsement's (Nikon and Ashton) in the camera industry. From the inception, MIHP developed, planned and executed the digital visual effects, maintaining close supervision and direction of Ashton Kutcher. MIHP also provided motion graphics for the Nikon productions.


MIHP partnered with Bank of America and the Olympic Games of Sydney, Australia to create a multi-faceted campaign.  The campaign included a thrill ride of the outback and a 35mm promotional short film, showcasing the beautiful landscapes of Australia.  The award-winning multimedia project debuted on NBC’s “The Today Show” and toured the country for a year, launching the 2000 Olympics.



MIHP partnered with the worldwide videogame publisher Ubisoft to produce live action content and campaigns for various game launches including Pirates of the CaribbeanGhost Recon, Dance on Broadway and Mokeyz Sports. MIHP created and produced multiple game series promotional campaigns, which integrated live action to coincide with the games graphic content.


MIHP has worked with some of the largest TV networks on promotional and integrated marketing campaigns for several years. For example, the Ford Edge was included as part of the launch of FX’s The Shield and Anger Management.


CTV, Canada’s top rated television network, has an ongoing relationship with MIHP spanning several years.  MIHP creates promotional spots for the Canadian Juno Awards, a ceremony honoring Canadian recording artists.  This year’s campaign featured the award’s host Michael Buble and popular singers/ songwriters Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger.  This year’s ratings received a significant boost, due, in part, to MIHP’s creative promotional contribution.


MIHP’s team has created a multi-year and multi- million dollar integrated marketing campaigns with the The Hershey Company.

To position Hershey’s products as a key part of the FX featured movies. Hershey’s brands were featured in between movie breaks, for station premiers such as Avatar, Thor, X-Men, The Last Stand and Crazy Stupid Love.


Subway, one of the fastest growing franchises in America, enlisted MIHP to create multiple integrated marketing campaigns that combined Subway, superheroes and movies.  MIHP produced several successful campaigns that creatively integrated Subway’s “birthday” celebration and FX’s exclusive premiere of the action adventure hits “Wolverine” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen".


MIHP was chosen at the inception to launch a (previously) unknown form of entertainment, Satellite Radio. MIHP created innovative themes to illustrate Satellite Radio’s offering, the best uninterrupted music and sound quality available. To illustrate benefits of subscription based satellite radio over local stations, MIHP shot from multiple major markets and promoting diversity of stations available anywhere by automobile.