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Clothing Matters: Interview with MIHP Wardrobe Specialist Antoinette Frank

When we tell our clients that we are a one-stop shop for production we mean it. Not only do we create compelling content, we also do whatever it takes to make sure that content is perfect from start to finish. Sometimes this means utilizing our wardrobe specialist Antoinette Frank for assistance in making sure the actors look the part.

A few weeks back while prepping for our Subaru shoot for a commercial called The Ride of Her Life – Antoinette was assigned the task of putting together costumes for a range of “extreme” roles ranging from firemen to stunt car drivers.  We took the opportunity to interview her to learn a bit more about the ins and outs of the job.

Take me through the process of costuming. How do you get briefed on what is needed and where do you go to find your costumes? 

When MIHP informs me of our next project, I automatically ask for the “creative’. This means getting the most current script, notes from the director and storyboards. My next step is to call the actors for sizes. I then go out to “shop”. Depending on the project, I usually find costumes at the Wardrobe houses like Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Eastern Costume etc.. If it’s just regular wardrobe, I shop at boutiques, specialty stores, department stores and malls. On the shoot day, I dress the actors according to the script and director’s notes. On set, my job is to make sure there are no wrinkles, watch for lint, make sure ties are straight, manage continuity issues etc.. When we “wrap”, I return whatever doesn’t get used and return costumes back to the studios.

I would love to work directly with designers in the future. So if anyone wants to expand their promoting onto television, they can contact me directly.

What are some of your favorite shoots you’ve worked on and why?

My favorite shoot was for CTV. We were promoting the 2013 Juno Awards. We shot with Michael Buble, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. I love working with big names, it doesn’t intimidate me. MIHP’s yearly Mondo shoots are also my favorites. A lot of celebrities on those!

What is a special part of the job for you?

I love creating with costumes. I usually get to do that on commercials.

 What does MIHP offer that is different from traditional production companies in this department?

MIHP is one big family. At least, that’s what we all feel like. I do not have to be afraid to ask the wrong person the wrong question or step on anyone’s toes. Everyone is so helpful and willing to help! No attitudes and that is hard to come by in Hollywood.

For more information on Antoinette, visit her website.