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Frankly Speaking #2: Creating Content in the Wild Wild West of Online Lifestyle Networks

Lifestyle networks have become the latest frontier in the Wild Wild West of online, algorithm-based, direct-to-audience content. It used to be that if you were the producer of a new television series or an advertiser of a certain product, you would strategize where to best put your show or commercial based upon traditional demographic farming. You chose whose eyeballs would most likely see your content based on the collected data of companies like Nielsen that keep broadcast companies armed with this knowledge. Although this is still the go-to for regular scheduled network television, the game has completely changed with a broader selection of other outlets.

Take Evox Television for instance, which is available via various providers like Rouku and Samsung as well as online, and touts itself as “Your World Evolved.” Catering to a progressive demographic, Evox offers one space for entertainment, exercise, shopping, community, current news and non-profit causes. In the old days one may have gone to a movie theater or their television screen, a gym, a non-profit organization’s website and the mall – five different places at five different times – to do the same thing.

These lifestyle networks are creating a new outlet for content as well. Evox boasts a range of short form television shows, and promotional videos of which a Make It Happen Productions’ show On Begley Street is currently included. Viewers can watch a home be deconstructed by Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Rachelle in ongoing efforts to build a dream, LEED-certified home. They can watch snippets from the non-profit Green Wish showcasing people all over the world stating ways to make the world greener. They can watch the series Mary Anne Goes to the Market about making discerning choices in the grocery aisle or Dr. Brian Alman’s tips of de-stressing life. They can learn to unleash their creativity through DIY upcycled projects with Jenna’s Studio. They can also watch food shows that feature information on sustainable eating and more.

In this new Wild Wild West arena smart networks, producers and advertising and marketing companies are starting to get in on the ground floor knowing that it’s only the beginning and in the beginning the spaces are plenty. Although it’s typically the same price to produce online content what’s different is the actual length you need to grab attention spans and get your message across. Short form television shows are normally around 5-10 minutes with commercials being anywhere from 10-20 seconds. You are also getting that cost efficient message across to a spectrum of niche audiences.

At MIHP we are excited about these changes. We’ve seen them coming for the past decade, have full knowledge of what is required to make this new space zing, and are actively engaged with clients in this realm. Today, the possibilities are truly endless in regards to what you can create to represent yourself and where you can go to find the people who want to see, hear, and hopefully continue to buy and support you.

Frankly Speaking is a monthly column written by Make It Happen Productions Owner Billy Frank