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Frankly Speaking #8: Manifestation

Manifestation. It’s a word that many of us know but don’t always use.

Manifestation is something that we all can do, but we don’t because we are all so busy fighting the system, fighting the fight.

Letting it go… ah, how great would it be to just let it go? Many of us have let it go from time to time, many of us have had great experiences with thinking or being positive. But, many of us either forget how those days felt or simply just get caught up in the “hustle”, and don’t do it enough.

As I write this, the 8o’s song came on “Always Something There to Remind Me”,  by Naked Eyes. There you have it. We must remember the days we feel great or just simply forget about what we did (or didn’t do) to get what we wanted. Holding on tight of anything has for the most part never worked for me, or many I know.

We must manifest our needs, our wants and desires. It has proven time and time again the more I think positive, and don’t overthink at all, much of what I want or desire shows up. At least in one way or another, it really does.

I tell many of my friends today if I was to rename my company, I would rename it from Make it Happen Productions, to Let it Happen Entertainment GROUP. Simply put, you can’t force things and you have to know it takes a team. You have to just let go and let it happen. Of course we have to have a positive outlet, treat others kindly and bring good karma your way, that’s a given.

I am one that gets in my own way at times but as I grow and learn, I am trying to enjoy the good, recognizing and being thankful for the things we have, or things we strive for is what it’s all about. Less pressure and more joy! This is what I strive for daily and when I reflect back, it seems as if it has come back 10fold. Strange how that works!

I have noticed the more we do for others and the more we think about our surroundings and the less about ourselves, the more comes our way. And… the more I get out of my own head and feel more comfortable in my own skin, the more comes my way. Many times I have actually had to manifest this. Simply think positively and say what I want to myself or others. That’s where this powerful notion of Manifesting comes in.

We must stop the negative thinking, the poor attitudes and the deliberate actions that make others feel bad about themselves or anything else for that matter.

Although we are people who have to make a living, make ends meet, we also have to remember that positive thinking is a MUST!

I challenge those who read my blogs to manifest good things for yourself and others for the next couple of months. Powerful thoughts and actions. I believe you will achieve greatness in many ways.