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Make It Happen Productions Wins Addy Award for Trevor Project PSA

Make It Happens Productions is proud to have won a 2014 Addy Award for Digital Advertising – Branded Content for the company’s production of the “AT&T Live Proud” PSA featuring Adam Lambert on behalf of The Trevor Project.

MIHP owner Billy Frank says, “Winning an Addy is great. I don’t ever mind putting another shiny object on the shelf because it reminds me of how hard we all work and why.”

But Frank stresses that the award is more important for what it stands for – the kind of transformational content he’s most interested in producing.

“I said yes to this particular PSA because it was for a purpose,” he explains. “Gay teens need a place to go when nobody else is listening. The Trevor Project is so worthy and so timely and AT&T stepped up to the plate to send this message to the masses. I always want to be on a train riding on the right tracks, and I always will.”

Look for MIHP’s forthcoming Holly Robinson-Peete AT&T Autism Speaks PSA as well as an Ed Begley Jr. fluoride water PSA in the coming month.

MIHP is walking the walk and Frank is fully committed to helping spread the word on a variety of subjects that he believes help others.